Artist Statement



Technological advances in 3D production and computer aided design has led to its democratization. My work revolves around the possibilities of this new world and the artistic freedom it provides by participating in and utilising these rapidly expanding and reproducible digital and mechanical processes. 


In developing sculptural objects based on modular systems of making, I construct systems that allow me to design, modulate, and reproduce objects that blur the boundaries between the functional and the sculptural.


By working in this methodical and regulated manner, the work is framed by an overriding logic which is then re-examined, improved or discarded. Through this process I explore the tension between the constructed, cohesive object, and the unpredictability of external events.







Goldsmiths, BA Fine Art and Art History, 2011 - 2013

Chelsea College of Art and Design, Art Foundation, 2009 - 2010



Foundation Degree Show, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, June 2010


Honeymoon, OTR, London / January 2011


Degree Show, Goldsmiths University, London / June 2013


14/55, Gem Space Gallery, London / January 2014

b. 1990



Ron Ziser lives and works in London, UK.